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13,010,000 people




Zimbabwean dollar

Languages spoken in Zimbabwe

Shona, Ndebele, English

Map of Zimbabwe

Area in square kilometers

390,757 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 2,607
Zimbabwe Rhodesia) is a landlocked country located in the southern part of the continent of Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east
official language of Zimbabwe is English; however the majority of the population speaks Shona, a Bantu language. Its other native language, Sindebele, is spoken by the Matabele people. Zimbabwe today is under the reign of President Robert Mugabe. Human
circa 1250–1629, the area that is known as Zimbabwe today was ruled under the Mutapa Empire, also known as Mwene Mutapa, Monomotapa or the Empire of Great Zimbabwe, which was renowned for its gold trade routes with Arabs. However, Portuguese settlers destroyed the trade and began
current situation: Zimbabwe is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation; large scale migration of Zimbabweans to surrounding countries - as they flee a progressively
tier rating: Tier 2 Watch List - Zimbabwe is on the Tier 2 Watch List for its failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat severe forms of human trafficking, and because the absolute number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is significantly increasing;
Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe opposition leader, has agreed to join a national unity government in a bid to halt the country's humanitarian crisis. As prime minister, with his party in charge of finance, health and education, he will depend heavily on assistance from western
Zimbabwe – what is to be done? Gideon Rachman Dictators sometimes miscalculate. That explains why Mugabe has just gone down to an electoral defeat in that is so catastrophic that even he will be unable to reverse the result.
founder and by 1997 25% of the population of Zimbabwe had been infected by HIV, the AIDS virus. Decline (1999–present) Land issues, which the liberation movement had promised to solve, re-emerged as the main issue for the ruling party beginning in 1999.
The Zimbabwe government has described the operation as an attempt to provide decent housing to the population although they have yet to deliver any new housing for the forcibly removed people. A map showing the food insecurity in Zimbabwe in June 2008.
Life expectancy at birth for males in Zimbabwe has dramatically declined since 1990 from 60 to 37, among the lowest in the world. Life expectancy for females is even lower at 34 years. Concurrently, the infant mortality rate has climbed from 53 to 81 deaths per 1,000
Zimbabwe is a republic with two legislative houses; its head of state is the president. Remains of Stone Age cultures dating to 500,000 years ago have been found in the area. The first Bantu-speaking
Since independence in 1980, the European population of Zimbabwe has fallen to under 100,000. Zimbabwe's official language is English, with Shona and Ndebele being the predominant African languages. About half the population practices a blend of Christian and indigenous
Zimbabwe's economy is basically agricultural. The formerly strong commercial farming sector was thrown into disarray with the expropriation of white-owned farms that began in 2000, and the replacement of large efficient farms with smaller ones worked by inexperienced farmers
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was celebrating his 85th birthday with a lavish all-day party Saturday despite the fact that the country is gripped by an economic and health crisis. Video Zimbabwe musicians inspire through song
Zimbabwe opposition says it's ready for unity government Zimbabwe's main opposition party said Friday it will join a unity government next month if President Robert Mugabe's government meets its demands. Cholera in beleaguered Zimbabwe out of control
The number of cholera deaths in Zimbabwe is now approaching 3,000, the World Health Organization says. EU tightens Zimbabwe sanctions The European Union tightened sanctions on Zimbabwe's leadership on Monday, condemning President Robert Mugabe's government for its
Flag of Zimbabwe is seven equal horizontal bands of green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow, and green; white isosceles triangle edged in black with base on hoist side has yellow bird and red star. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Zimbabwe
enlarged by the Zimbabwean Government, which was committed to providing free public education to all citizens on an equal basis. Though in the late 1970s only 50% of the black children (5-19 years old) were listed officially as attending rural schools, today most
Zimbabwe" ruins, after which the country is named, located near Masvingo. Evidence suggests that these stone structures were built between the 9th and 13th centuries A.D. by indigenous Africans who had established trading contacts with commercial centers on Africa's southeastern coast.
Zimbabwe's power is generated by a hydroelectric station at Kariba Dam on the Zambezi River. The country has good road and rail networks and domestic and international air service. The main exports are cotton, tobacco, gold, ferroalloys, textiles, and clothing
Zimbabwe is governed under the 1979 constitution as amended. The president, who is both head of state and head of government, is popularly elected for a six-year term; there are no term limits. There is a bicameral Parliament
addition, by 1997 one quarter of the population of Zimbabwe had been infected by HIV, the AIDS virus. The government's dispatch of troops in support of the Kabila regime in the Congo (Kinshasa) placed an added burden on national finances beginning in 1998. By the end of the
the debate on Zimbabwe has finally been opened up to a wider reading public, thanks to Mahmood Mamdani's "Lessons of Zimbabwe," appearing in the London Review of Books (04/12/2008). Reclaiming the Land: Land Reform and Agricultural Development in
The crisis in Zimbabwe has intensified. Inflation is incalculably high. The central bank limits – to an inadequate level – the amount of money Zimbabweans can withdraw from their bank accounts daily. Unarmed
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has been accused of committing, are rarely, if ever, vilified by Western government officials, the media and left intellectuals. By contrast, Robert Mugabe has been subjected to a sustained barrage of criticism, often bordering on the
Zimbabwe is a country in Southern Africa. It is landlocked and is surrounded by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest, and Mozambique to the east and north.
Once known as the Breadbasket of Africa, since 2000 Zimbabwe has undergone an economic collapse and the rule of law has gradually but largely broken down under the rule of President Robert Mugabe. Regions - * Manicaland
* Great Zimbabwe - the archeological remains of a Southern African ancient city built of stone, located in present-day Zimbabwe which was once the centre of a vast empire known as the Munhumutapa
Zimbabwe Bird is the national emblem. Michael Faul, 24 Apr 2008 - Designer of the flag Great website! I am Zimbabwean and always wanted to know who designed our flag.
design did not include the Zimbabwe Bird, and that this "was added after I had pointed out its uniqueness and history". So while Mr Herbert influenced the final design, it cannot be said that he is the actual designer has been previously mentioned.
Zimbabwe Act (Act 22/1985) is as follows: An Act to provide for the design of the Flag of Zimbabwe and for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. 1 Short title
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Zimbabwe map Zimbabwe map Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa, bordered by the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. The official language is English; however, the majority of the population speaks Shona. Although a new transitional
Zimbabwe has become a cash society, with few establishments accepting international credit cards. Check cashing facilities are effectively nonexistent. Visitors are required to declare the amount of currency they are bringing into and out of the country. While there is no set
The political situation in Zimbabwe remains fluid and subject to change at a moment’s notice. American citizens should carefully evaluate the need to travel to Zimbabwe at this time. In late 2008, the political, humanitarian, and economic crisis in Zimbabwe resulted
Zimbabwe is no longer nearly as cheap as it once was, but its richness in culture and colour remain. Colonialism remains etched in all sorts of ways, but local traditions are visible. If you're willing to join a
Travel Alert: Security for travellers in Zimbabwe remains uncertain: political instability has triggered protests and violence in recent times. A recent cholera outbreak has already claimed over 3000 lives and the disease seems likely to spread, check the BBC for updates on the crisis
A prominent Zimbabwean human rights lawyer has been freed on bail in the capital Harare, a day after his arrest. Read more See more news at In our shop
Prominent Zimbabwe human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, has landed the 2009 Ludovic- Trarieux International Human Rights Prize for her trailblazing role in defending human rights in Zimbabwe. 2 comments Related Topix: World News, Africa, France, Europe | HChigege
Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Tapers Off - But Disease Remains aa DATELINE: Washington As Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic continues to subside, the local and international groups that have spent many months fighting the disease are shifting their focus from treatment to
capital, Dr Henry Madzorera, Zimbabwe's new health minister, has the unenviable task of resuscitating a public health system crippled by the ... Comment? Related Topix: World News, Africa, Cholera, Health, Epidemic, Natural Disasters, Movement for Democratic Change (Zimbabwe), HIV/AIDS
News source for the Zimbabwean diaspora which is predominatly in South Africa. ZimOnline South Africa based Zimbabwe's independent news agency News World News Business IT
Zimbabwe's central bank says it will soon introduce a 100 trillion dollar note as the once prosperous country battles to keep pace with hyperinflation that has caused many to abandon the country's currency. Video
Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said Thursday he is committed to a power-sharing deal with President Robert Mugabe, despite recent threats to abandon the deal. Cholera: 10 killer facts Cholera is caused by becoming infected with a bacterium called vibrio
Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak has killed nearly 500 people, according to the World Health Organization. Desperation up close in Zimbabwe A child cries from hunger, but no tears come from her swollen eyes. Photos
ZIMBABWE has clinched tourism marketing, investment and promotion deals with major outbound tourist wholesalers and media houses, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, as the country
THE National Railways of Zimbabwe is seeking a ban on trading of soft copper (copper derived from copper cables) in the country as part of measures to curb vandalism and theft of copper wire on
THE Zimbabwe National Deaf Sports Federation has been invited to the World Deaf Games in Taipei, Taiwan, in September. * The Herald Zimbabwe: Reps Theatre Runs Youths, Children's Programmes
* Banned BBC and CNN welcome back to Zimbabwe, says Mugabe's Spokesperson * Zimbabwe's Unity Government Struggles to Move Ahead * Platinum miners maintain output
* Zimbabwe dispatches: little has changed * PEACE WATCH of 13th May 2009 * Batch 2 Posted 13/5/09 * IMF expected in Zim next week
* Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Tapers Off - But Disease Remains a Threat * Zimbabwe Cricket Squad Invited to Join Intercontinental Cup Tourney
Masvingo, Zimbabwe, it is the largest of many such ruins in southern Africa. The primary ruins of this former city extend more than 60 acres (24 hectares) and include a hilltop fortress and walls of stone monoliths
Between about ad 1100 and 1500, Great Zimbabwe was the capital of the vast Shona empire that stretched from the Zambezi River to the northern Transvaal of South Africa and eastern Botswana. Between 12 000 and 20 000 people lived within and around it. Social organization
The Great Zimbabwe, or "stone buildings", is the name given to stone ruins spread out over a 722 ha area within the modern-day country of Zimbabwe, which itself is named after the ruins. It is nearmn,bhmvgchxfgzdxnfcgvhgmbjb,gjmdhshaesdrfghtown of Masvingo, which


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