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7,600,000 people




Rwandan franc

Languages spoken in Rwanda

Kinyarwanda, French, English

Map of Rwanda

Area in square kilometers

26,798 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 1,300
English, IPA: or in Kinyarwanda) is a small landlocked country in the Great Lakes region of east-central Africa, bordered by Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. Home to approximately 10.1 million people, Rwanda supports
elections in Rwanda-Urundi, in which Hutu representatives were elected by the Hutu majorities. This precipitous change in the power structure threatened the centuries-old system by which Tutsi superiority had been maintained through monarchy. An effort to create an independent
between Rwanda and Burundi was dissolved and tensions between the two countries worsened. Rwanda also now became a Hutu-dominated one-party state. In excess of 70,000 people had been killed. It was thought for a while that British Royal Marines then stationed in
The Rwandan Genocide was the 1994 mass killing of hundreds of thousands of Rwanda's Tutsis and Hutu political moderates by Hutus under the Hutu Power ideology. Over the course of approximately 100 days, from the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana on 6 April through
refugee crisis) on the border with Rwanda was the cause for the First and Second Congo Wars with clashes between these groups and the Rwandan government continuing. The UN's mandate forbids intervening in the internal politics of any
Rwandan armed forces and militia killed all the Tutsis who were hiding there. There is no consensus on the number of dead between April 6 and mid-July. Unlike the genocides carried out by the Nazi Germany and by
Rwandan Hutus fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, leading to ongoing conflict between the two countries. Kigali is the capital and largest city. Population: 9,910,000. Rwandan Rwan'dan adj. & n.
Rwanda is a landlocked mountainous country, most of it at an elevation above 4,000 ft (1,200 m). There are bamboo forests, wooded regions, and grassy savannas with rich and varied wildlife. The developing economy is mainly free-enterprise, based on agriculture
Rwanda was part of German East Africa. The Belgians occupied Rwanda in 1916, and the League of Nations created Ruanda-Urundi as a Belgian mandate in 1923. The Tutsi retained their dominance until shortly
Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa Government Rwanda Top of Page Country name: Definition Field Listing conventional long form: Republic of Rwanda
Rwanda is a poor rural country with about 90% of the population engaged in (mainly subsistence) agriculture. It is the most densely populated country in Africa and is landlocked with few natural resources and minimal industry. Primary foreign exchange earners are
strait, namely that the 1994 Rwanda genocide was planned, executed and its effects are still alive in Rwanda and the international community. * EA Business Rwanda: Consumption Drops As Tax Revenues Dip
An officer of former Rwandan Army who had been found guilty of participating in the 1994 Tutsi genocide, was acquitted last Friday on appeal trial, reports Hirondelle Agency. * Hirondelle Rwanda: Ex-Minister Remains Stranded in Arusha Five
The Rwandan former Minister for Transport, Andre Ntagerura, has still not found a host country, more than five years after his acquittal by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).
Rwanda is a relatively stable Central African country, and easily accessible from Kenya and Uganda, it is relatively easy, safe and simple to travel around. It is landlocked, surrounded by Uganda to the
Rwanda is not only the land of a thousand hills, but also a country rich in flora and fauna and stunning natural beauty in its scenic rolling and breathtaking green savannah. The country hosts some rare
Rwanda has three national parks: * Akagera National Park in the East; * Volcanoes National Park in the North; * Nyungwe National Park in the South-West.
Flag of Rwanda is three horizontal bands of sky blue at top-double width, yellow, and green, with a golden sun with 24 rays near the fly end of the blue band. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Rwanda Geography
ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which leads a coalition that includes the Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), the Rwandan Socialist Party (PSR), the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), and the Democratic Popular Union (UPDR). Other parties include the Social
Rwanda's countryside is covered by grasslands and small farms extending over rolling hills, with areas of rugged mountains that extend southeast from a chain of volcanoes in the northwest. The divide between the Congo and Nile drainage systems extends from north
Rwanda, in east-central Africa, is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. It is slightly smaller than Maryland. Steep mountains and deep valleys cover most of the country. Lake Kivu in the northwest, at an altitude of 4,829 ft
The original inhabitants of Rwanda were the Twa, a Pygmy people who now make up only 1% of the population. While the Hutu and Tutsi are often considered to be two separate ethnic groups, scholars point out
independence, repeated violence in both Rwanda and Burundi has increased ethnic differentiation between the groups. Rwanda, which became a part of German East Africa in 1890, was first visited by European explorers in 1854. During World War I, it was occupied in 1916 by Belgian troops
Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Central Africa, with just 7 million people, and is comprised of two main ethnic groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi. Although the Hutus account for 90 percent
especially while Rwanda was under Belgian colonial rule. Related Map Central Africa Following independence from Belgium in 1962, the Hutu majority
Ethnic tensions in Rwanda were significantly heightened in October 1993 upon the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye, the first popularly elected Hutu president of neighboring Burundi. A United Nations peacekeeping force of 2,500 multinational
Volunteers to serve in Rwanda since 1994 took place at the residence of United States Ambassador to Rwanda Stuart Symington. Since they arrived in Rwanda on January 29, the 32 volunteers have lived in Butare and undergone eleven weeks of intensive technical and
The new flag of the Rwandan republic is composed of three colours: green, yellow and blue. The green colour symbolizes the hope of prosperity thanks to rational exploitation of the force of Rwandan people and the resources of the country.
The new flag and anthem of the Rwandan Republic has been launched today (on 31 December 2001). The flag corresponds roughly to the previous reports - blue-green and rising sun. However, the blue and green fields are separated by a yellow stripe and the sun is not rising
Rwanda flag is in proportion of 2:3. Pantones are: Blue 3005c Green 3415c Yellow 109c Sun yellow 130 c (Note - two yellow shades!)
Travel Alert: Although Rwanda's security situation has improved over the last couple of years, travellers are advised to steer clear of the borders of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Check Safe Travel for current government warnings.
Rwanda is a lush country of endless mountains and stunning scenery, and nowhere are the mountains more majestic than the peaks of the Virunga volcanoes in the far Northwestern Rwanda. In Parc National Des
Rwanda is all too often associated with the horrific events that unfolded in 1994. It has been etched into the world's consciousness as one of the most savage genocides in history. What happened is beyond
The Triumph of Evil is a report on how the West ignored warnings of the 1994 Rwanda genocide and turned its back on the victims. interviews: UN & US writers and writer Philip Gourevitch 100 days of slaughter: a chronology of US/UN actions the somalia debacle: how it influenced the West's policy in Rwanda
Rwanda is a landlocked republic which lies in central Africa to the east of Zaire and forms part of the Central African Region. The capital city is Kigali. Other major towns are Butare and Gisenyi.
The international time zone for Rwanda is GMT +3 and the international dialling code for the country is +250. The principal airlines which fly to Rwanda are Air France and Sabena as well as regional airlines. Visas are required by all visitors except nationals of Germany.
during 1994, growth in Rwanda has been led by agriculture (41.6% of GDP) and construction. Agriculture has the highest foreign exchange earnings and employs the largest sector of the working population, of, which, 90 percent are mostly involved in subsistence farming. Coffee
Most of Rwanda is situated at 5,000 ft (1,520 m) or higher, and the country has a rugged relief made up of steep mountains and deep valleys. The principal geographical feature is the Virunga mountain
The economy of Rwanda is overwhelmingly agricultural, with most of the workers engaged in subsistence farming. Economic development in Rwanda is hindered by the needs of its large population and by its lack of easy access to the sea (and thus to foreign markets)
The annual value of Rwanda's imports is usually considerably higher than its earnings from exports. The main imports are foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, steel, petroleum products, and construction materials; the principal exports are coffee, tea, hides, casseritite, wolframite, and pyrethrum
Republican Rally for Democracy in Rwanda - RDR is a political organisation whose aim is to establish a Rule of Law, Justice, Democracy, Republican values and Truth on the Rwandan tragedy. Ghosts of Rwanda
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Rwanda is governed under the constitution of 2003. The president, who is head of state, is popularly elected for a seven-year term and is eligible for a second term. The government is headed by the prime minister, who is appointed by the president
The Twa were the original inhabitants of Rwanda and were followed (c.A.D. 1000), and then outnumbered, by the Hutus. In the 14th or 15th cent., the Tutsis migrated into the area, gained dominance over the Hutus, and established several states. By the late 18th cent. a single
Nonetheless, in 1890, Rwanda accepted German overrule without resistance and became part of German East Africa. A German administrative officer was assigned to Rwanda only in 1907, however, and the Germans had virtually no influence over the affairs of the
Rwanda’s government is focusing on renewable energy to shore up its grid and off-grid electrification options. Read More... More Features Rwanda Jumps 78 Spots in Doing Business Ranking
World Bank assistance to Rwanda is helping to fight poverty, improve the lives of the Rwandese and give hope for the future of the nation as a whole. Rwanda joined the World Bank in 1963. Since then, the country has been
Rwanda's president says trade rather than aid needed - FT Rwanda can beat poverty by exporting more and boosting tourism, and poor nations should not rely on aid to improve their economies,
Rwanda Development Board has embarked on business reforms that will see the country achieve a double digit figure on the world rankings. Comment? Related Topix: Africa, World News Sat May 02, 2009 Leeds Today


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