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3,283,000 people




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Area in square kilometers

111,369 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 1,003
Republic of Liberia, is a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, and the Atlantic Ocean. As of 2008, the nation is estimated to be home to 3,489,072 people and cover 111,369 square kilometers (43,000 sq mi)
The history of Liberia is unique among African nations, due to its roots as a colony founded by freed slaves from the United States. These freed slaves formed an elite group in Liberian society, and, in
The name Liberia denotes "liberty" as Black Americans were sent to Liberia in 1822, and founded the country in 1847 with the support of the American Colonization Society creating a new ethnic group called the Americo-Liberians. However, this introduction of a new ethnic
climate favorable to agriculture, Liberia had been a producer and exporter of basic products - primarily raw timber and rubber. Local manufacturing, mainly foreign owned, had been small in scope. President JOHNSON SIRLEAF, a Harvard-trained banker and administrator,
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Liberia is Africa's oldest republic, but it became better known in the 1990s for its long-running, ruinous civil war and its role in a rebellion in neighbouring Sierra Leone. Although founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Liberia is
Americo-Liberians, who had ruled since independence, but heralded a period of instability. AT-A-GLANCE Liberian capital, Monrovia Politics: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became president in 2006 after the first polls since the end of the civil warEconomy: The infrastructure is in ruins
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION:Liberia mapLiberia map Liberia is a country in West Africa that suffered from years of instability and conflict from 1990 - 2003, with attendant destruction of buildings, roads, and infrastructure and public institutions. A comprehensive peace accord
Liberia is still one of the poorest countries in the world and many basic services (public power, water and sewage, land line phones) are either limited or unavailable. Facilities for foreign visitors are
Liberia's police force is in the process of being rebuilt. There is a UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), but its mandate is to ensure political stability in Liberia. Americans who travel around Liberia must realize
Liberia has coastal lowlands extending 350 mi (560 km) along the Atlantic; farther inland are hills and low mountains. Roughly one-fifth of Liberia consists of tropical rainforest. Agriculture is the main component of the economy, but only a portion of the arable
Constitutionally, Liberia is a republic with two legislative houses, and its head of state and government is the president. Africa's oldest republic, Liberia was established on land acquired for freed U.S. slaves by the American Colonization Society, which founded a colony at
1824 the territory was named Liberia, and its main settlement was named Monrovia. Joseph Jenkins Roberts proclaimed Liberian independence in 1847 and expanded its boundaries. Border disputes with the French and British lasted until 1892, when its boundaries were officially established. In 1980 a coup led by Gen
Liberia was set up by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African-American slaves. There is only one other state in the world that is started by citizens of a political power as a settlement
The area of West Africa that later became Liberia was invaded in the sixteenth century by Mane, Malian Soldiers tribes from what is now the interior of Ivory Coast and Ghana. The Manes partitioned the conquered territories and their peoples among Mane leaders with one chieftain over all
American colonies were incorporated into Liberia, one was destroyed by natives. The colonists of African-American descent, varying from slightly less ‘black' than the indigenous Africans to nearly ‘white', were soon indicated as Americo-Liberians. Handing over command to Americo-Liberians
WARNING: Liberia is Not a tourist destination, and currently, the US State Department strongly urges American citizens to consider the risks of traveling to Liberia. Current economic hardship is causing sporadic violence. Foreigners, particularly Americans and other
Liberia is discouraged at this time, although the security situation has eased after the election of the current president. For other places with the same name, see Liberia (disambiguation).
Liberia is in West Africa. It is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Côte d'Ivoire. Regions - Cities - Map of LiberiaMap of Liberia
Liberia flag is 11 equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white; there is a white five-pointed star on a blue square in the upper hoist-side corner. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Liberia Geography
Liberia has 40% of West Africa's rain forest. People Nationality: Noun and adjective-Liberian(s). Population (2008): 3.49 million. Annual growth rate (2008): 2.1%. Ethnic groups: Kpelle 20%, Bassa 16%, Gio 8%, Kru 7%, 49% spread over
Liberia was traditionally noted for its academic institutions, iron-mining, and rubber. Political upheavals beginning in the 1980s and a 14-year civil war (1989-2003) largely destroyed Liberia's economy and brought a steep decline in living standards. HISTORY
Lying on the Atlantic in the southern part of West Africa, Liberia is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Côte d'Ivoire. It is comparable in size to Tennessee. Most of the country is a plateau covered by dense tropical forests, which thrive under an annual rainfall of about 160 in
Africa's first republic, Liberia was founded in 1822 as a result of the efforts of the American Colonization Society to settle freed American slaves in West Africa. The society contended that the immigration of blacks to Africa was an answer to the problem of
Liberia's 'Iron Lady': Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is Africa's first elected female Head of State. (Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication) African Americans and the Ongoing Crisis in Liberia (The Crisis) Ending Impunity: The Case for War Crimes Trials in Liberia (African
maintained a presence in Liberia well before the conflict and was a critical actor in the transitional period, concluded with the inauguration of the new democratically elected government. UNDP Liberia supports the new government in its efforts to rebuild the
The post conflict environment in Liberia is affected by a number of factors ranging from shifting cultivation, soil erosion, unregulated timber exploitation, poaching and hunting, inappropriate mining schemes, insufficient public education and awareness, inadequate law enforcement, and insufficient training in biodiversity management. All
arrow Climate Liberia is tropical - hot and humid; the dry season is winter with hot days and cool to cold nights; summers are cloudy and wet with frequent heavy showers. Click for Forecast
2001 more than 40 Liberian students were arbitrarily detained and tortured and female students were raped after forces of the Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) and the Special Operation Division
Council of State of Liberia and was a Member, 47th & 48th Legislatures, Republic of Liberia. Site has the 1986 Liberia Constitution, the July 1997 General Elections Final Tally, many
2000, Liberians from around the world, supported by the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, met in Minnesota and established the Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia."
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report, the top UN Envoy in Liberia, Ellen Margrethe Løj, said that the mission will remain firm and resolute in ensuring that appropriate disciplinary measures are instituted for any proven SEA misconduct. "Even one case is one too many," she said. Photo: Christopher
and economic development must be addressed if Liberia is to solidify the progress made so far and UNMIL is to successfully draw down its presence in the country. “The hope and tranquillity we see today is tempered by a tenuous and fragile peace,” she said. As Liberia
The Republic of Liberia is a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast. Africa's oldest republic, Liberia had it's beginnings predating the American Civil War. Liberia, which means "Land of the Free," was founded as an
Liberia has recently been afflicted by two civil wars, the Liberian Civil War (1989-96), and the Second Liberian Civil War (1999-2003), that have displaced hundreds of thousands of its citizens and destroyed the Liberian economy. Democratic elections in 2005 brought
Liberia is situated in Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. Liberia has three main geographic regions: A narrow, sandy strip of coastal lagoons and mangrove swamps, inland rolling hills covered with tropical forest, and plateaus that rise to low mountains
Liberia is located on the West African coast. The country is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast. Officially the Republic of Liberia, the capital of the country is Monrovia. Since 1989, the country has been in turmoil
Denoted from "liberty" or "Land of the Free," Liberia was was first colonized by freed African slaves in 1822. The region is comprised of 16 different ethnicities, tensions were raised in 1847 when the U.S. created an ethnic group called Americo-Liberians, which clashed with
Liberia is having its lumber trees tagged electronically as the government rushes to restart an industry overshadowed by market woes, writes Richard Powell Read more
Liberia: Security Council Delegation Meets Congolese President, Heads to Liberia = 19 May 2009 - * Email| * Print| * Comment
The delegation is now in Liberia where it has scheduled meetings with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, senior UN officials, and members of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The group also plans to visit peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission
The Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC), whose board has also been reconstituted, is chaired by Mr. Musa Bility. Members of the Board are, the Ministers of Finance, Justice, Planning & Economic Affairs and the President of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI)
Liberia is an independent republic which lies on the on the bulge of Africa between Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire and forms part of the West African Region. The capital city and major port is Monrovia.
The official language of Liberia is English but several local languages are more widely spoken. Owing to the continuing state of political instability in the country it is difficult to get reliable economic indicators for the country. The local currency is the
The international time zone for Liberia is GMT and the international dialling code is +231. The airlines that fly to Liberia are Nigerian Airways and Air Guinea. As at January 1996 all visitors to Liberia require visas.
Liberia's president has declared a state of emergency after hordes of ravenous caterpillars infested the country. Commentary: A victory for democracy in Africa Supporters of democracy around the world can celebrate the January 7
To many, Liberia of recent years is a nightmare. Fourteen years of civil war and conflict has torn apart villages, displaced thousands of people and killed countless Liberians. Q&A: Sorious Samura In "Living with Illegals," award-winning journalist Sorious Samura
Britain has promised to hold Liberia's Charles Taylor in jail if he is convicted of war crimes, paving the way for the West African country's former president to be tried in the Netherlands. U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says
Liberia remains stable, peace is fragile. Criminal activities and clashes over the control of mineral resources such as rubber continue to escalate due to the high number of unemployed youth and ex-combatants
The Liberian government has improved on most issues of the arms embargo, conflict diamonds and timber exports, yet some problems remain. The Panel of Experts states that the arms embargo remains
Liberia (UNMIL) has made significant progress in rebuilding the country following its civil war. However, while acknowledging the progress made, Ban urges the Liberian government to regain control
After the Doe Administration and the civil war Liberia had to start from scratch. The lessons of the past should not be forgotten. * Volume 1 (460 pp.)
(1831-41) became Maryland in Liberia (1841-57) which was admitted into the Republic of Liberia on February 28, 1857, ten years after the creation of the first African republic. - Maps Liberia *


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