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23,000,000 people




Ghanaian cedi

Languages spoken in Ghana


Map of Ghana

Area in square kilometers

238,534 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 2,700
The Republic of Ghana is a country in West Africa. It borders Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The word Ghana means
Ghana was inhabited in pre-colonial times by a number of ancient kingdoms, including the Ga-Daŋmes on the eastern coast, inland Empire of Ashanti and various Fante states along the coast and inland. Trade
independence from the United Kingdom in 1957, the name Ghana was chosen for the new nation to reflect the ancient Empire of Ghana that once extended throughout much of western Africa. In the Ashanti language it is spelled Gaana. Contents -
Ghana's Vice President John Mahama said yesterday that the era of "political dinosaurs" who consider African countries as their bona fide property and pillaged the resources for the comfort of themselves and a small political elite is probably over.
Allure Ghana Ltd (AGL) is a Premier Day Spa business. AGL is the owner and manager of three brand businesses. Sony Centre Ghana Accra’s premier shopping spot with the largest range of Sony products in any one in Ghana
Well endowed with natural resources, Ghana has roughly twice the per capita output of the poorest countries in West Africa. Even so, Ghana remains heavily dependent on international financial and technical assistance. Gold and cocoa production, and individual remittances, are major sources of foreign exchange
Ghana has a developing mixed economy based largely on agriculture and mining. Cacao is the mainstay of the economy; mineral exports include gold and diamonds. Ghana is a republic with one legislative house; its head of state and government is the president
Ghana's population is composed of many ethnolinguistic groups, the principal of which are the Akan (Ashanti and Fanti), Mole-Dagbani, Ewe, and Ga-Adangme. English is the official language. Some 69% of the population is Christian (Pentecostal and other Protestant churches,
Ghana's economy is predominantly agricultural, with 60% of the population engaged in subsistence agriculture. The biggest cash crop is cocoa. Rice, coffee, cassava, peanuts, corn, shea nuts, and bananas are also widely grown. Fishing and lumbering are important, although
Flag of Ghana is three equal horizontal bands of red (top), yellow, and green with a large black five-pointed star centered in the yellow band. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Ghana Geography Area: 238,538 sq. km
Ghana is located on West Africa's Gulf of Guinea only a few degrees north of the Equator. Half of the country lies less than 152 meters (500 ft.) above sea level, and the highest point is 883 meters (2,900 ft.). The 537-kilometer (334-mi
Ghana's population is concentrated along the coast and in the principal cities of Accra and Kumasi. Most Ghanaians descended from migrating tribes that probably came down the Volta River valley at the beginning of the 13th century. Ethnically, Ghana is divided into small
Ghana is in West Africa. It borders Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and Togo to the east. Regions - Roughly from South(west) to North(east):
Ghana is a very friendly country, ideal for first time travellers to Africa, the people are generally very helpful and welcoming. While their laidback attitude and lack of organized tourist sights/trips can
Tourism in Ghana is growing very quickly, and more tour operators are seeing increased requests for Ghana as a travel destination. Ghana is also rich in Gold. Their people have a very rich culture and
A West African country bordering on the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is bounded by Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It compares in size to Oregon, and its largest river is the Volta.
Ghana has been settled by Europeans since 1482 but external rule was imposed..more A common feature of all Ghanaian cultures is a love of festivals... more Ghana has sought to develop a tourist trade. Attractions include ,
Ghana is a nature lover’s delight. It’s sunny equatorial climate and fertile well-watered soils.. more « 1 2 3 »
Ghana is the first black African colony to gain independence and until independence from the British colonial rule on March 6, 1957, Ghana was known as the Gold Coast. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive and others came later
The capital of Ghana was moved from Cape Coast to Accra by the British in 1876. See independence square at Accra Ghana. Ghana coat of arms The first president of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr
professor John Evans Atta Mills, the current President of Ghana was the Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the 2008 General Elections. He was born on July 21st, 1944, at Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana and hails from Ekumfi Otuam in the Mfantsiman
* Ghanaian Chronicle Ghana: I Was Gagged By NPP Majority, Akufo-Addo Would Have Listened Hon P.C. Appiah-Ofori has said that he had wished that Nana
THE REGIONAL BRANCH of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has taken strong exception to comments made by the Majority Leader in Parliament and Member of Parliament (MP) for Nadowli West, Mr.
* Ghanaian Chronicle Ghana: Ho-Based NGO Supports Deprived Communities With Infrastructure A Ho-based non-governmental organization (NGO), Ghana Outlook, has spent over £50,000 to provide educational infrastructure for
In Ghana life is public. People evacuate their homes and apartments every day to escape the stifling heat. And much like the patterned cloth worn by market women, the disparate parts and peoples somehow mix and weave together into a cohesive whole
Ghana has no iconic natural calling card like Victoria Falls or Kilimanjaro, but one look at a map reveals a geographic blessing: hundreds of kilometres of coast shared by beautiful beaches, like
Compared to other countries in the region, Ghana is stable and prosperous, but this valuation is in part founded on hopes for the future. The country is often labelled ‘Africa for beginners', and while you'll likely be welcomed by the people in a hot, sweaty clinch,
Ghana is located on Africa's west coast and is bordered by Togo, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast. While the country is plenty populated, it's likely the flight to Ghana will be sparse. This
Ghana is rich in history, culture, wildlife and landscape and tourists will feel the warmth of the people within seconds of disembarking the Ghana flight. Most flights to Ghana land in Accra, the country's capital city and
Ghana is a tropical country lying just north of the equator. The rainy season lasts from April to October in northern Ghana and from April to June and again from September to October in the south. Temperatures
Ghana, is a west African country, bounded on the north by Burkina Faso, on the east by Togo, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean,and on the west by Côte d'Ivoire.
is the national association football team of Ghana and is controlled by the Ghana Football Association. Before gaining independence from Great Britain in 1957, the country played as the Gold Coast. Although the team did not qualify for the senior FIFA World Cup until
Ghanaian teams has enjoyed considerable success in FIFA's age-restricted tournaments. The Ghana U17 team, the Black Starlets, have won the FIFA Under-17 World Cup title twice and finished as runner-up twice. The Ghana U20 team, the Black Satellites, have also
The Ghana Amateur Football Association was founded in 1957, soon after the country's independence, and was affiliated to both CAF and FIFA the following year, Englishman George Ainsley being appointed coach of the national team.
presidential election, the Ghana Electoral Commission said on its Web site. Ghana vote results expected Friday Ghana's new president won't be determined until Friday when voters in one constituency return to the polls to recast their ballots, the
ACCRA, Ghana - Alain Nkong is something of an accidental villain this weekend in Ghana. Jonah Freedman: Clubs vie for position before big tournaments resume I'm not sure I've ever been more distracted from the club calendar. My
ACCRA, Ghana - Manuel "Junior" Agogo is making a name for himself. A career journeyman who has made stops in England's lower leagues, and even Major League Soccer, Agogo has become a national hero in Ghana with his inspired performances here at the African Cup of Nations.
With a population of 22 million, Ghana is a stable, democratic country with a free press, independent judiciary and an active civil society, and possesses considerable growth potential. Over the past few years, the Government of Ghana has pursued aggressive economic reforms, which
Despite the fact that Ghana has made significant advances, daunting challenges remain. Ghana's governance systems and practices are highly centralized and suffer from limited citizen participation. Civil society groups also lack advocacy skills and resources to advocate for their needs and interests
are challenges which the Government of Ghana is addressing. USAID/Ghana's Response Pupils in class The United States of America through USAID supports Ghana's Poverty Reduction Strategy by strengthening decentralized governance systems, promoting private sector competitiveness, improving health care


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