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1,517,000 people





Languages spoken in Gambia


Map of Gambia

Area in square kilometers

10,380 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 2,002
* Daily Observer Gambia: 'My Aim is to Solve All of Your Problems' In Galleh Manda in CRR, the Gambian leader tasked Gambians, especially the youths to work extra hard to develop the country
* Foroyaa Gambia: Samger is the Turning Point in Gambian Football, Says Coach Jane Joof Jane Joof alias "big Jane" of Samger F.C has indicated that, their
* Public Agenda Gambia: Report On Murdered Ghanaians Out Alhaji Muhammad Mumuni, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, returned home yesterday from Abuja, Nigeria, where he
The Gambia River is a major river in Africa, running 1,130 km (700 miles) from the Fouta Djallon plateau in north Guinea westward to the Atlantic Ocean at the city of Banjul. It is navigable for about half that length.
The Gambia, on the north bank of the river, and found that their oral family histories complemented his own. The Mandinka language does not have a /g/ phoneme, so the river is therefore pronounced "Kambiya" rather than "Gambia". External links -
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as Gambia, is a country in Western Africa. The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, bordered to the north, east, and south by Senegal, and has a small coast on the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Its
fourteenth century, most of what is today called The Gambia was a tributary to the Mali Empire. The Portuguese reached the area by sea in the mid-fifteenth century and began to dominate trade. In 1588, the claimant to the Portuguese throne, António, Prior of
Gambia were under Courland's rule, bought by prince Jacob Kettler, who was a Polish vassal. A map of James Island and Fort Gambia. During the late seventeenth century and throughout the eighteenth,
as Gambia, is a country in Western Africa. The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, bordered to the ... * Visit The Gambia - The Official Website of the Gambia Tourism ...
The Gambia is a largely agricultural country, and its people are poor. Peanuts, the main crop, are grown largely for export. Tourism also helps the economy. Beaches along the Atlantic coast draw visitors to
The Gambia, also called Gambia, is the smallest country on the African mainland. Among African countries, only the Seychelles, a group of islands off the eastern coast, cover a smaller area. The port city of
Gambia is becoming a popular vacation destination for Northern Europeans. Therefore, many charter and holiday operators offer reasonable airfare and accommodation if desired. Visa US, Canadian and South African citizens must obtain a Gambian visa
The Gambia is a country in West Africa and is the smallest country on the continent of Africa. It has a short North Atlantic Ocean coastline in the west and is surrounded by Senegal so that it is almost an enclave
The Gambia River is navigable the entire length of the country. Guided tours There are many companies that offer guided tours in Gambia. There are also official tourist guides that will arrange transportation and guide you
"Physical presence in The Gambia is the general rule, but there is a provision to allow multinational companies to protect their trademark or name." History, internet service providers, prices.
Located on the west coast of Africa, Gambia is bordered by Senegal in the north, east and south and by the Atlantic Ocean on the west. The Gambia River, the country's major waterway, rises in the Futa
Despite attempts at diversification, The Gambia's economy remains overwhelmingly dependent on the export of peanuts and their byproducts and the re-exporting of imported foreign goods to other African nations. About three quarters of the population is employed in agriculture
Gambia has a wet-and-dry tropical climate and is generally hilly, with savanna in the uplands and swamps in low-lying areas. It has a developing market economy based largely on the production and export
the Atlantic, is navigable throughout The Gambia and is the main transport artery. Along The Gambia's coast are fine sand beaches; inland is the swampy river valley, whose fertile alluvial soils support rice cultivation. Peanuts, the country's chief cash crop, and
Gambia and was forwarded to the College of Arms. Ivan Sache, 06 Oct 2001 In some sources, the interpretation of the colours is slightly different for the coat of arms: According to Smith ,
Gambia News : Sizzla receives hearty welcome in The Gambia Gambia Entertainment Sizzla Kalonji arrived in The Gambia on Sunday December 20 and was given a welcome fit for a hero as The Gambian President, Ministers of
Gambia News : Gambia's poverty level is 58% - Report imageThe level of poverty in the Gambia, based on per capita consumption, the head counts index (the percentage of poor people), accounts for 58 per cent, according to the 2003 Household Poverty Survey
Gambia News : Gambian minister's claim baseless, lie, says MFWA imageProf. Kwame Karikari, the Executive Director of Accra-ba sed Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has reacted to Gambia's Attorney General/Justice Minister's recent claims over a disappeared
Gambia News : Gambian VP says economic downturn timely at ILO's anniversary imageGambian Vice President, Dr. Isator Njie-Saidy, has said that the celebration of the 90th International Labour Organisation (ILO) came
Gambia was settled by various companies of English merchants. Slavery was the chief source of revenue before it was abolished in 1807. Gambia became a British Crown colony in 1843 and an independent nation within the Commonwealth of Nations on Feb. 18, 1965
three sides by Senegal, Gambia is twice the size of Delaware. The Gambia River flows for 200 mi (322 km) through Gambia on its way to the Atlantic. The country, the smallest on the continent, averages only 20 mi (32 km) in width.
The Gambia is a small independent republic on the bulge of Africa and forms part of the West African Region. It consists of a narrow strip of land on either side of the Gambia River and is almost surrounded by Senegal
The international time zone for the Gambia is GMT and the international dialling code is +220. The airlines which fly to the Gambia are British Airways, Nigerian Airways and Ghana Airways and the national carrier, Gambia Airways. As at January 1996 visas are
that time, The Gambia was part of the Kingdom of Mali. In 1588, the claimant to the Portuguese throne, Antonio, Prior of Crato, sold exclusive trade rights on The Gambia River to English merchants; this grant was confirmed by letters patent from Queen
The flag of The Gambia is three equal horizontal bands of red (top), blue with white edges, and green. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of The Gambia Geography Area: 11,300 sq. km. (4,361 sq. mi
The Gambia was once part of the Ghana Empire and the Songhai Empire. The first written accounts of the region come from records of Arab traders in the 9th and 10th centuries A.D. Arab traders established
Gambia lies at the southern edge of the Sahel and is made up of mostly savannah and open woodland vegetation. The raining season is short, from July to September, with most of the precipitation falling at night. The climate is dry and warm from
The Gambia is 180 miles long, but only 21 miles wide, and follows the course of the River Gambia as it meanders west through mangrove swamps, bamboo forests, and salt flats, to the capital city Banjul,
The Gambia's history is marked by almost as much cultural diversity as its current population. The first "tourists" were Portuguese traders in the 1500s who introduced peanuts and cotton before leaving a hundred years later, selling their trading rights to the British. Fort
The Gambia has over the years expanded its scope on restaurants offering quality dining for excellent value and is gaining an international reputation with more chefs from around the world now living and working in the country...more line2
The Gambia has unique qualities over many other destinations. It is only six hours away from major European destinations, there is no jet lag, and it is a popular and affordable winter destination attracting
arrow Climate The Gambia is generally recognized as having perhaps the most agreeable climate in West Africa. There is a sub-tropical climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons. The dry season is from November to May with the Harmattan wind keeping the humidity low
current situation: The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation; women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation - in
Gambia is on the Tier 2 Watch List for its failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to eliminate trafficking; The Gambia failed to report any trafficking arrests, prosecutions, or convictions in 2007, and the government demonstrated weak victim protection efforts during
The Gambia has no confirmed mineral or natural resource deposits and has a limited agricultural base. About 75% of the population depends on crops and livestock for its livelihood. Small-scale manufacturing activity features the processing of peanuts, fish, and hides. Reexport


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