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4,401,000 people





Languages spoken in Eritrea

Tigrinya, Arabic

Map of Eritrea

Area in square kilometers

117,600 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 1,000
Eritrea is one of the countries endowed with rich resources that have vital role in the development of tourism industry, according to Mr. Hagos Woldu, director general of investment and publicity
* Shabait Eritrea: A United And Strong Ethiopia is a Strength, President Isaias Underscores President Isaias Afwerki underlined that a united, inclusive and integrated Ethiopia is equally strength to Eritrea, and that this
* Shabait Eritrea: Security Council Accusation That 'Country is Arming the Ashebab Somali Group' is a Baseless Slander Designed to Escape From Achieving a Solution, President Isaias Emphasizes
Eritrea is a single-party state - whilst its constitution, adopted in 1997, stipulates that the state is a presidential republic with a unicameral parliamentary democracy, it has yet to be implemented. According to the government, this is due to the prevailing border
until 1951 when Eritrea was federated with Ethiopia as per UN resolution 390(A) adopted in December 1950; the resolution was adopted in the absence of any form of consultation with the people of Eritrea. Increasing unrest and resistance in Eritrea against the federation
إرتريا Iritriya), officially the State of Eritrea, is a country in Northeast Africa. It is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. The east and northeast of the country have an extensive coastline on the Red Sea, directly across
From 1961 until 1991, Eritrea had fought a long war of independence against Ethiopia, ultimately leading to a referendum and peaceful separation in 1993. Following independence, the two neighbours disagreed over currency and trade issues, and both laid claim to
On May 13, 1998 Ethiopia, in what Eritrean radio described as a "total war" policy, mobilized its forces for a full assault against Eritrea. The Claims Commission found that this was in essence an affirmation of the existence of a state of war between belligerents not a declaration
The Eritrean-Ethiopian War took place from May 1998 to June 2000 between Ethiopia and Eritrea, forming one of the conflicts in the Horn of Africa. Eritrea and Ethiopia — two of the world's poorest countries
Arabic: إرتريا Iritriya), officially the Country of Eritrea, is a country in Northeast ... * Eritrea: History, Geography, Government, and Culture ... Information on Eritrea — geography, history, politics, government,
Eritrea is divided into six regions for administrative purposes. These regions are under the control of administrators appointed by the president. The main political parties in Eritrea are the former EPLF (renamed the People's Front for Democracy and Justice, or PFDJ) in
Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) took over control of administration but agreed to hold a referendum on independence. The electorate approved independence in April 1993, and a four-year transitional period was declared to prepare a constitution. A May 1993
Eritrea is governed under the constitution of 1997. The president, who is elected for a five-year term, is both chief of state and head of government. There is a unicameral 150-seat national assembly. The country is divided into eight provinces.
Eritrea's largely agricultural economy was devastated by its 30-year-long indepedence war with Ethiopia and hurt again by the strain of the 1998–2000 border war. Some 70% of the population is involved in farming and herding. The country's agricultural products
Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) was founded. In 1972 a rival insurgent group, the Eritrean Popular Liberation Forces (EPLF), was formed and battled the ELF for supremacy. After Emperor Haile Selassie Haile Selassie (hī`lē səlăs`ē, –lä`sē) ..... Click the link for more information
olive (UN -> Eritrea in 1950s -> Eritrea 1993), but what is the central branch with the forked leaves? Firstly there was a single olive branch, but final agreement were a central olive branch with two sourronding branchs.
Eritrea to end restrictions on UN forces, and expressed concern over Ethiopia's failure to finalize the border; UN sanctions were threatened for noncompliance. Eritrea rejected the ultimatum and in Dec., 2005, forced those UN forces from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia to withdraw
Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) was founded. In the 1970s a rival insurgent group, the Eritrean Popular Liberation Forces (EPLF), was formed and battled the ELF for supremacy. After Emperor Haile Selassie's overthrow in a military coup in 1974,
with the West, Eritrea has hit its most difficult point since winning its hard-fought independence 14 years ago. October 16, 2007WorldNewsA Calm Voice From Embattled Eritrea A Calm Voice From Embattled Eritrea By JEFFREY GETTLEMAN
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Eritrea map Eritrea map Eritrea is a poor but developing East African country, the capital of which is Asmara. Formerly a province of Ethiopia, Eritrea became an independent country on May 24, 1993, following a 30-year struggle that culminated in an
Eritrea for an extended period while their case is reviewed in court. All long-term residents, regardless of citizenship, must obtain an exit visa 30 days prior to departure, unless they hold a difficult-to-obtain multiple entry visa. Upon entry and exit, visitors
risk to travelers in the lowlands of Eritrea, but Asmara is generally considered free of the disease. There is no HIV testing requirement for temporary or permanent entry into Eritrea. Please verify this information with the Embassy of Eritrea before you travel.
Eritrea is a relatively small country (by African standards), about the same size as Pennsylvania or England, and has a varied and contrasting landscape due to its diverse topography as part of the
Eritrea is in East Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Djibouti and Sudan, with a long disputed border with Ethiopia. Regions - * Central * Anseba
Eritrea was conquered in 1890 by Italy, who hung onto it until World War II, when they were kicked out by the Brits. Eritrea was awarded to Ethiopia in 1952 as part of a federation. Ethiopia's annexation of
Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission is to decide all claims for loss, damage or injury by one Government against the other, and by nationals of one party against the Government of the other
Eritrean Studies Review (the table of contents is online). Based in Asmara and East Lansing, MI. Ethiopian Eritrean Conflict Page The page "is maintained using publicly available information
The Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission of the PCA is determining the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The President of the Arbitration Commission for the Ethiopia-Eritrea border is Sir Elihu Lauterpacht
Eritrea is governed under the transitional constitution of 1993. A new constitution was adopted in 1997 but it has not been fully implemented. The executive branch is headed by the president, who is
Eritrea's largely agricultural economy was devastated by its 30-year-long indepedence war with Ethiopia and hurt again by the strain of the 1998–2000 border war. Some 80% of the population is involved in farming and herding, although this sector provides less
In World War II, Eritrea was captured (1941) by the British. Ethiopia had long demanded control of Eritrea on the ground of ethnic affinity, but Britain occupied Eritrea after the war and, beginning in 1949, administered it as a UN trust territory
Arbitration claims commission ruled that Eritrea had violated international law in attacking Ethiopia, and that Ethiopia was entitled to compensation. 12 In Mar., 2006, Eritrea, apparently as a result of its continuing
Eritrean dead had been found after the Islamists were routed. Eritrea denied the charges, but it was widely believed to have supplied the Islamists with arms. Eritrea subsequently sponsored an anti-Ethiopian, anti-Somali coalition that included Ethiopian rebels, Somali
Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) was founded. In 1972 a rival insurgent group, the Eritrean Popular Liberation Forces (EPLF), was formed and battled the ELF for supremacy. 6 After Emperor Haile Selassie’s overthrow in a military coup in 1974,
Embassy of Eritrea is also responsible for protecting the interests of Eritreans in the United States of America. Our office is located at: Embassy of Eritrea 1708 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009
The Government of Eritrea is perplexed by this unfounded accusation. And while it may require time and further information to probe and fully understand the motivations behind this groundless accusation, it nonetheless bears all the hallmarks of a deliberate desire to unleash
the main UNDP development concerns, UNDP Eritrea has been working with NUEW since 1998 ....more Official Documents and Links * Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) * Results and Resources
UNDP in Eritrea is involved in several democratic governance projects. For instance, the Eritrean legal system has been in a constant review and modification since the Country's liberation in 1991 ...more The Government of Eritrea, with the assistance of UNDP and Capacity
ERITREA: EU Has Nothing To Show For ITS 'Engagement Policy' 08 Apr 2009 Eritrea failed to fulfill its obligation under Res.1862, UN 07 Apr 2009 ERITREA: EU GOES FASCISTIC AGAIN
ERITREA: Who Is Running The Country? 01 May 2009 Eritrea Tyrant's Multi-Million Foreign Accounts Revealed 23 Apr 2009
expressed and written consent of EritreaDaily is prohibited Download For Free ERITREA Is Suffering and EU Is Perpetuating It 24 Apr 2009 D-Day On Eritrea Tyrant Only 24 Hours Away 24 Feb 2009
Arbitration ruled that Eritrea had violated international law when it attacked Ethiopia in 1998. See also Encyclopedia: Eritrea. U.S. State Dept. Country Notes: Eritrea Information Please® Database, © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
Eritrea was formerly the northernmost province of Ethiopia and is about the size of Indiana. Much of the country is mountainous. Its narrow Red Sea coastal plain is one of the hottest and driest places in Africa
Eritrea was part of the first Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum until its decline in the 8th century. It came under the control of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, and later of the Egyptians. The Italians
Eritrea denies Somali involvement 16 May 2009 6:32PM Eritrea denies reports that it has been supplying hardline Islamists in Somalia with weapons and ammunition.
The US is "seriously concerned" by reports that Eritrea is supplying hardline Islamists in neighbouring Somalia with arms. Read more * Eritrea becoming 'a giant prison'
Eritrea is a heartbreaker. It was once heralded as a good place for travelling and, with a bit of luck, it could soon be so again. But as long as the country is at odds with its neighbour Ethiopia, its sworn
Eritrea has undergone a prolonged period of drought that has seriously hindered agriculture and resulted in major food shortages, affecting a population of 4 million (2002). Grain production in 2002 was down 75% of what it was in the previous year.
Eritrea is Africa's newest independent republic, having gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. It lies to the north of Ethiopia and forms part of the North East African Region. The capital city is Asmara (also spelt Asmera)
The international time zone for Eritrea is GMT +3 and the international dialling code is +291. There is an international airport at Asmara served by Ethiopian Airlines. All visitors require visas in order to visit Eritrea.
Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa and is bordered on the northeast and east by the Red Sea, on the west and northwest by Sudan, on the south by Ethiopia, and on the southeast by Djibouti. The
Flag of Eritrea is red isosceles triangle (based on the hoist side) dividing the flag into two right triangles; the upper triangle is green, the lower one is blue; a gold wreath encircling a gold olive branch is centered on the hoist side of the red triangle. PROFILE
Prior to Italian colonization in 1885, what is now Eritrea had been ruled by the various local or international powers that successively dominated the Red Sea region. In 1896, the Italians used Eritrea as a springboard for their disastrous attempt to conquer Ethiopia. Eritrea
Eritrea has been supplying arms to Islamist militants intent on toppling Somalia's new government and condemned the recent violence. 5 comments Related Topix: Piracy News, Africa, World News, Somalia, Thu May 14, 2009
Eritrean president says stability basic requirement for development in Eritrea Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Thursday underscored that stability is the most important factor to promote economic and social development in the African country. Comment?
Photo: Woldeyesus Ammar Eritrea has come under heavy pressure especially from the US and Israel for its close ties with nuclear ambitious Iran and Somali militants with alleged Al-Quada connections. 8 comments Related Topix: Africa, World News, Opinion
Eritrea accepted the EEBC's "virtual demarcation" decision and called on Ethiopia to remove its troops from the TSZ which it states is Eritrean territory. Ethiopia has not accepted the virtual demarcation decision. Geography Eritrea
Eritrea was awarded to Ethiopia in 1952 as part of a federation. Ethiopia's annexation of Eritrea as a province 10 years later sparked a 30-year struggle for independence that ended in 1991 with Eritrean rebels defeating governmental forces; independence was overwhelmingly
Since independence from Ethiopia in 1993, Eritrea has faced the economic problems of a small, desperately poor country, accentuated by the recent implementation of restrictive economic policies. Eritrea has a command economy under the control of the sole political party,


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