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17,795,000 people




Central African CFA franc

Languages spoken in Cameroon

French, English

Map of Cameroon

Area in square kilometers

475,442 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 2,421
The Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun) is a unitary republic of central and western Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to
The territory of present day Cameroon was first settled during the Neolithic. The longest continuous inhabitants are groups such as the Baka. The Sao culture arose around Lake Chad c. AD 500 and gave way to the Kanem and its successor state, the Bornu empire. Kingdoms,
Cameroons, the question was whether to reunify with French Cameroun or join Nigeria. In May 1957 André-Marie Mbida became Cameroon's first Prime Minister. On 1 January 1960, French Cameroun gained independence from France
conditions, Cameroon has one of the best-endowed primary commodity economies in sub-Saharan Africa. Still, it faces many of the serious problems facing other underdeveloped countries, such as a top-heavy civil service and a generally unfavorable climate for business enterprise
current situation: Cameroon is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation; most victims are children trafficked within country, with girls primarily trafficked for
tier rating: Tier 2 Watch List - Cameroon is on the Tier 2 Watch List for its failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat human trafficking in 2007, particularly in terms of efforts to prosecute and convict trafficking offenders; while Cameroon reported
colonization, Cameroon was populated by Bantu-language speakers coming from equatorial Africa to settle in the south. They were followed by Muslim Fulani from the Niger River basin, who settled in the north. Portuguese explorers visited in the late 15th century, and the Dutch
Cameroon is an independent republic on the west coast of Africa with a population of 13 million. From 1884 until 1916 it was under German rule. After the First World War, France administered east Cameroon
Cameroon is triangular in shape. A coastal strip 10 to 50 mi (16–80 km) wide in the southwest is covered with swamps and dense tropical rain forests; it has one of the wettest climates in the world, with an
Flag of Cameroon is three equal vertical bands of green on hoist side, red, and yellow with a yellow five-pointed star centered in the red band. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Cameroon Geography Area: 475,000 sq
The earliest inhabitants of Cameroon were probably the Bakas (Pygmies). They still inhabit the forests of the south and east provinces. Bantu speakers originating in the Cameroonian highlands were among the first groups to move out before other invaders. During
Cameroon was primarily devoted to coastal trade and the acquisition of slaves. The northern part of Cameroon was an important part of the Muslim slave trade network. The slave trade was largely suppressed by the mid-19th century
Cameroon is located in West Africa. It borders Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south.
Cameroon is a diverse and multi ethnic country. Western tourism is rare; most of the country's tourists come from Europe (predominantly Belgium). History People Climate
Cameroon is rich with choice when it comes to good beer due to its past as a German and later French colony. Bottled Guinness can be found everywhere although in the heat, try one of the excellent
Cameroon, in West Africa, is a mixture of desert plains in the north, mountains in the central regions, and tropical rain forest in the south. Along its western border with Nigeria are mountains, which include the volcanic Cameroon Mountain—the highest point in West
The Republic of Cameroon is a union of two former United Nations trust territories—French Cameroun, which became independent in 1960, and southern British Cameroons, which joined it after a 1961 UN-sponsored referendum. English and French are both official languages, but there
Cameroon's tourist industry is a victim of geography. It sits in a tough neighbourhood, bordered by some problematic countries. But this shouldn't put you off, as Cameroon really has just about everything a traveller could want. One of the most culturally diverse countries on
The name Cameroon is derived from the Portuguese word, Camaroes, meaning shrimps. A Portuguese sailor Ferdanando Poo in 1472 arrived at the River Wouri in Douala and discovered so many shrimps in the river
the 1914-1918 war, Cameroon was mandated by the Ligue of Nations to the French and British governments. France took the greater sector, formally known as East Cameroon, while Britain took responsibility over former West Cameroon known then as "Cameroon under British Administration".
the Southern Cameroons - before the name was changed to West Cameroon - a plebiscite was held in that sector of Cameroon on February 11th 1961 under the United Nations supervision. The result of the plebiscite which was overwhelming for reunification (233,571 against
The music of Cameroon is among the most popular in Africa, especially makossa, a popular dance rhythm you'll hear blaring out of clubs and discos. Makossa is adaptable to a wide variety of instrumentation, from traditional thumb pianos to guitars and synthesizers. Manu
Cameroon has a less well-known palm wine capital, Batibo, in the north-west province. Batibo with 80,000 people is a relatively big cluster of villages located some 40 kilometres from the provincial capital, Bamenda. The area produce between 7,000 and 10,000 litres of
The Republic of Cameroon is a "hinge" state bridging central and western Africa. It is triangular in shape, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to the south, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southeast, the Central African
Cameroon is home to over 250 ethnic and linguistic groups, with the cultures of both the central and western regions mingling. Though there are tensions between them, a strong central government dominated by a single party maintains political and social stability
Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, and corruption is widespread. The Anglophone community has grown increasingly alienated from the government, and Anglophone politicians have called for greater decentralization and even the secession of the former British-governed territories. Contents
Tourism in Cameroon is a growing but relatively minor industry. Since the 1970s, the government of Cameroon has cultivated the industry by creating a ministry of tourism and by encouraging investment by airlines, hotels, and travel agencies. The government describes the
and big-game hunters, as Cameroon is home to many of Africa's iconic animals: cheetahs, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, hippopotami, and rhinoceroses. Impediments to further growth of the tourism sector include poor transport infrastructure and corrupt officials who may harass visitors for bribes.
Tourism infrastructure in Cameroon has steadily improved. The country offered 37 hotels with 599 rooms in 1960. This had risen to 203 hotels with 3,229 rooms in 1976. In 1980, the country offered 7,500 hotel rooms
Cameroon is a Central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, bordered by Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. It is nearly twice the size of Oregon.
a fully autonomous government of Cameroon was formed under Ahmadou Ahidjo. Cameroon became an independent republic on Jan. 1, 1960. In 1961 the southern part of the British territory joined the new Federal Republic of Cameroon and the northern section voted for unification with Nigeria
Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon—Nigeria had been resisting the World Court ruling since 2002. See also Encyclopedia: Cameroon. U.S. State Dept. Country Notes: Cameroon Fact Monster/Information Please® Database, © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Cameroon map Cameroon map Cameroon is a developing country in central Africa. Although there are many natural and cultural attractions in Cameroon, facilities catering to American/European style tourism are quite limited. The capital is
Cameroon has no local equivalent to the “911” emergency line, but one can dial 112 in major cities to contact ambulance services. Please see our information on Victims of Crime, including possible victim compensation programs in the United States.
HOMOSEXUALITY/CORRUPTION: The government of Cameroon has sporadically enforced laws against homosexuality. Charges of homosexuality and/or of corruption are also made and enforced indiscriminately in the course of business or personal disputes. PHOTOGRAPHY: While photography is not officially forbidden, security
Situated in West Africa, Cameroon is shaped like an elongated triangle. It borders with Chad in the north and northeast, Central African Republic in the east, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south, the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) in the Southwest, and
The Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon was adopted on 2 June 1972 and last changed by Law #96/06 of 18 January 1996: Part I On the State and Sovereignty Article 1
The 1961-75 flag of Cameroon was a vertical tricolour of green-red-yellow with two yellow stars on the red. It was adopted when the former British territory of Southern Cameroon voted to join French Cameroun which became independent in 1957. The 2 stars signified the
Territory of Southern Cameroons have a flag badge when it was administratively separated from Nigeria in 1960 until it was absorbed into The Republic of Cameroun in 1961, and if so what was it like? Badge existed, but wasn't officially aproved. This badge feautures a
languages listed for Cameroon is 286. Of those, 279 are living languages, 3 are second language without mother-tongue speakers, and 4 are extinct. Living languages Abar 2,000 (2001 SIL)
Though Cameroon is said to be an agricultural breadbasket, government here is failing to meet its goals for auditing food-safety inspections to guarantee food fortification.
* Cameroon Tribune Cameroon: MINFOF/MINAS Join Forces to Help Pygmies A memorandum of understanding to this effect was signed between the two ministries yesterday.
to some Cameroonians their elimination has been complimented by the qualification of "FC Barce-Lion" for the European Champions League ... * Cameroon Tribune Cameroon: Electricity Crisis Will Soon be over
The West Africa country of Cameroon is shaped like a triangle and situated on the Gulf of Guinea, between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Don't let this small African country fool you – travelers booking flights to Cameroon will find it's huge on history.
that security in Cameroon has lessened, and terrorist attacks and violent demonstrations have endangered lives in Douala and Littoral. Peak/Off Season: Since it's not exactly known as a tourist destination, it's easy to find cheap flights to Cameroon any time of
working, Cameroon's "process of economic reform is still fragile" and that "inadequate investment levels remain a serious constraint to a sustained economic recovery." Moreover, in the long-run, the piecemeal pursuit of investment risks creating ventures with uncertain long-term prospects.
Cameroon has made little use of multilateral commitments to reassure investors and other economic agents of the permanence of its new outward economic orientation. Cameroon had no tariff bindings in the pre-Uruguay Round GATT and implementation of the Uruguay Round results
the Government of Cameroon will be discussed by the WTO Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB) on 13 and 14 February 1995. The review of Cameroon is carried over from the 1994 programme of trade policy reviews. The
Cameroon has two current claims to international fame. The first is the prowess of its national soccer team, which has won the African Nations Cup three times and in 1990 became the first African team to reach the quarter finals of the World..
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One of the best things about a visit to Cameroon is the diversity of the ethnic groups and their cultures. Add to this the jungle and forests, savanna, and all of the wild game and it is no wonder that visitors enjoy the 13 national parks and game reserves that are
The national carrier of Cameroon is Cameroon Airlines which connects Yaounde and Douala with the capital cities of most of the neighboring countries. Other airlines represented in Cameroon include Air Afrique, Air France, Air Gabon, Sabena, and Swissair. Most of these airlines
Cameroon is situated on the West coast of Africa. It is a country that is becoming increasingly urbanized. The capital city is Yaounde while Doula is the largest city and the industrial centre of the country.
The Cameroonian economy is primarily agricultural, with principal commercial crops being cocoa, coffee, tobacco, cotton and bananas. Petroleum products make up more than half of all exports. While income from the oil sector fluctuated, the expansion of the non-oil sector
The investment image of Cameroon is made somewhat attractive by the country’s oil and agricultural sectors. However, there are certain features that serve to discourage potential investors from pursuing opportunities in the country. This means that the bureaucracy in the


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