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33,333,216 people




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2,381,740 km2

Gross domestic product per capita

$ 7,700
Algeria was made part of the Ottoman Empire by Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa and his brother Aruj in 1517. They established Algeria's modern boundaries in the north and made its coast a base for the Ottoman
Republic of Algeria, is a country located in North Africa. It is the largest country on the Mediterranean sea, the second largest on the African continent and the eleventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area
The capital of Algeria is Algiers. Algeria is a member of the Arab League, United Nations, African Union and OPEC. It also contributed towards the creation of the Arab Maghreb Union. Contents -
Algerians (natives and Europeans altogether) took part in World War I, fighting for France as tirailleurs (such regiments were created as early as 1842.), tabors, goumiers, and spahis. With Wilson's 1918 proclamation of the Fourteen Points, whose fifth point proclaimed that
Governor-General of Algeria, the conquest was violent, marked by a "scorched earth" policy designed to reduce the power of the Dey, this included massacres, mass rapes, etc. Applauding Bugeaud's method, liberal thinker Alexis de Tocqueville could declare: "war in Africa is a science
The Algerian war was a founding event in modern Algerian history. It left long-standing scars in both French and Algerian society, and still affects some segments of society in both countries to this day. After the 1997 legislative elections, won by the Socialist
Republic of Algeria, is a ... * Algeria: History, Geography, Government, and Culture ... Information on Algeria — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages,
Algeria was a colony of France from the mid-19th century until it won independence in 1962 in one of the bloodiest independence struggles in history. The eight-year war for independence caused enormous
Algeria's economy was underdeveloped and based largely on agriculture at the time of independence, and the government soon began efforts to modernize it. Today, Algeria is one of the wealthier countries in Africa, largely because of its petroleum reserves. In the early 1990s
A documentary made by the Algerian TV a few years ago says that the Algerian flag appeared for the first time on 26 June 1926 as the flag of the Étoile nord-africaine. The flag was green with in the upper right corner the writing "Algerian our country, Arabic our language
According to Album des Pavillons , the Algerian naval ensign is the national flag with two red fouled anchors crossed in saltire in canton. Željko Heimer, 28 January 2001 - Presidential flag -
The national flag of Algeria is officially described as follows: Features The flag of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria is constituted by a green and white rectangle embossed by a red star
A car bomb attack in Algeria has killed three people and wounded 23, the Algerian Press Service reported. Al Qaeda says it's behind deadly blast in Algeria Al Qaeda claimed responsibility Thursday for a bombing a day earlier
A former CIA station chief in Algeria is under investigation by the State and Justice departments after being accused of raping at least two women while he held the post, a source confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.
CNNMoney: High oil prices all summer, Algerian says Oil prices will stay high all summer due to refinery constraints and high demand internationally, Algerian Energy and Mines Minister Chakib Khelil said in remarks published Wednesday. CNNMoney: Energy chief: OPEC's hands tied
Algeria - الـجـزائـر is an Arab country in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the north. It is surrounded by Morocco to the northwest, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger
Algerian authorities is required. Furthermore, the Embassy reserves the right to request additional documentation from any applicant. It is not the responsibility of the Embassy if there is any delay in the processing of the visa application. - Applicants should make travel
Much of recent Algerian history has been dominated by civil wars and subsequent warlordism. That said, the country is gradually restoring order and will prove an interesting - if difficult - destination. Electricity Officially, 220V 50Hz
An outline on Algeria’s history and its rich and diverse culture is also available. In order to improve the content of this site, your comments or suggestions are welcome. What's New: 5/5/2009> Statement of H.E.M. Mourad BENMEHIDI, Ambassador, Permanent
This site is primarily a window open onto Algeria but it is also the representation of the activities of our diplomatic mission. Designed to help our dear compatriots living in the United States, it is also geared towards the informational needs of allcategories of US
Algeria was unusual among French colonies in having a large settler population, though this was always heavily outnumbered by the indigenous Muslims. The settlers, who towards the end of the colonial period became popularly known as piedsnoirs, came not only from France
Algerian underground after it was formed in 1940 by a group of young Jews, some of whom were former French army officers. Other Jewish underground groups were also established and joined the organized resistance, which made contact with certain French officials who had
central and southern Algeria is much of the northern Sahara. Algeria has a developing economy based primarily on the production and export of petroleum and natural gas. After achieving independence, the country nationalized much of its economy but since the 1980s has
Algeria became a Roman colony, part of what was called Mauretania Caesariensis, at the close of the Punic Wars (145 B.C.). Conquered by the Vandals about A.D. 440, it fell from a high state of civilization to virtual barbarism, from which it partly recovered after an invasion
International disputes: Algeria supports the Polisario Front exiled in Algeria and who represent the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic; Algeria rejects Moroccan administration of Western Sahara; most of the approximately 90,000 Western Saharan Sahrawi refugees are sheltered in
Nearly four times the size of Texas, Algeria is bordered on the west by Morocco and Western Sahara and on the east by Tunisia and Libya. The Mediterranean Sea is to the north, and to the south are Mauritania, Mali, and Niger
This dearth of visitors is a great shame, as Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries in North Africa. In the dramatic Unesco-listed Tassili N'Ajjer and Hoggar regions, near the town of Tamanrasset, tribal culture is very much alive, and the day-to-day
Travel Alert: The security situation in Algeria is volatile; check Safe Travel for current government warnings. Once a popular holiday destination on a par with neighbouring Morocco, Algeria's tourist industry all but disappeared when bitter civil war broke out in 1992
Algeria is situated in North Africa. It borders the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Morocco, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Tunisia and Western Sahara . Algiers is the capital city as well as an important port
Algeria was rated 107th on the Human Development Index in 2003. High unemployment and inadequate public services continue and government reforms are necessary to create conditions for sustained growth and poverty reduction. High unemployment makes reducing poverty difficult
The Algerian government has identified the oil and gas industry sector as the most important sectors to generate revenue. Thus, the country's export commodities are mainly petroleum, natural gas, and petroleum products. Capital goods, foodstuffs and consumer goods remain the
Algeria is a member state of the League of Arab States border countries: Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia related countries: France Official Sites of Algeria Présidence de la République Algérienne Démocratique et Populaire
Algeria is Africa's second largest country, covering an area of nearly 2.5 million square miles. Algeria's indigenous Berber people has been under foreign rule for much of the last 3000 years. The Phoenicians
Destination Algeria, this page is about many aspects of Algeria. Here you will find comprehensive information about Algeria in its diversity: geography, economy, science, people, culture, environment, government and history. You will have access to newspapers from Algeria and you will find
Algeria, is a nation in North Africa and is the second largest country on the African continent. It is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the
Algeria, it is defined as an Islamic, Arab, and Amazigh (Berber) country. The name Algeria is derived from the name of the city of Algiers, and officially from the Arabic language word al-jazā'ir which translates as "the islands
Algerian society has considerable historical depth and has been subjected to a number of external influences and migrations. Fundamentally Berber in cultural and racial terms, the society was organized around extended family, clan, and tribe and was adapted to a
Algeria, the second-largest state in Africa, has a Mediterranean coastline of about 998 kilometers (620 mi.). The Tellian and Saharan Atlas mountain ranges cross the country from east to west, dividing it into three zones. Between the northern zone, Tellian Atlas, and the
Flag of Algeria is two equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) and white; a red, five-pointed star within a red crescent centered over the two-color boundary. PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria Geography
Ninety-one percent of the Algerian population lives along the Mediterranean coast on 12% of the country's total land mass. Forty-five percent of the population is urban, and urbanization continues, despite government efforts to discourage migration to the cities. About 1
Algeria has begun delivering military equipment to Mali as part of strengthened military co-operation between the neighbouring countries, military sources said on Monday. Comment? Related Topix: World News, Africa, Mali, Abdelaziz Bouteflika
Belgrade Kosovo's flag Algeria is the latest country to express its opinion on Kosovo's status, and says it will not recognise the newly independent state. Comment? Related Topix: Europe, Kosovo, World News, Africa
or injured 60 security personnel this month in Algeria, but denied that it also targeted civilians and suffered heavy losses inflicted by government forces. Comment? Related Topix: World News, Africa, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Terrorism Times Online
Algeria remains concerned about armed bandits operating throughout the Sahel who sometimes destabilize southern Algerian towns; dormant disputes include Libyan claims of about 32,000 sq km still reflected on its maps of southeastern Algeria and the FLN's assertions of a
Algeria supports the exiled Sahrawi Polisario Front and rejects Moroccan administration of Western Sahara; Algeria's border with Morocco remains an irritant to bilateral relations, each nation has accused the other of harboring militants and arms smuggling; in an
general assessment: telephone density in Algeria is very low, not exceeding five telephones per 100 persons; the number of fixed main lines increased in the last few years to a little more than 2,000,000, but only about two-thirds of these have subscribers; much of the
Algeria is the second largest country in Africa. Its main population centers are located along the Mediterranean Sea coastline. This huge landmass is dominated by the Atlas Mountains of the
current situation: Algeria is a transit country for men and women trafficked from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude; Algerian children are trafficked internally for the purpose of domestic servitude or street vending


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